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Somerville Community Choice Electricity (CCE) Aggregation

The Somerville Community Choice Electricity (CCE) Aggregation began July 2017.
See the Somerville CCE page for more information.

This calculator

Translating the information on the CCE mailer to your bill takes a bit of work. This program aims to acheive stable electricity pricing, increase Somerville's commitment to local renewable energy, and provide residents an option to opt up to 100% local renewable energy as their source of electricity. This calculator provides an easy way to compare how the options will affect your bill, with a goal of showing that the benefits of 100% local renewable energy can be acheived with a relatively modest increase in a household's bill.

To select the Somerville 100% Local Green option, contact Dynegy at (866) 220-5696, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 8PM EST, or via email at DESCustCare@Dynegy.com . You will need your Eversource account nubmer.
Alternatively, fill out the information in this form on the Somerville CCE site.

Calculating an electrical bill

A monthly bill is calculated as follows:
kWh * Generation Rate + kWh * Delivery Rate + Customer Charge

The Generation Rate is what is being changed by the CCE plan. By opting up to 100%, only the Generation Rate aspect would increase. CCE Chart
Delivery Rates are composed of multiple items, see your Eversource bill for details. The delivery rates shown in the calculator by default are from January 2018 for a residential customer.
For more details on these rates, see the Eversource page on Understanding My Electricity Bill .


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